After 15 years working as an actor and singer in theatre, film, opera and TV, both in New York and Los Angeles, and directing off-off-Broadway productions, I joined Group One Productions in L A. This award-winning company was one of the truly innovative production companies in the business. It was at Group One that I learned film production, working on projects ranging from small, one camera shoots with two technicians, to live performances (Carole King Live in Central Park) requiring 12 cameras and a union crew of over a hundred.

French Movie “La Guerre…” directing local Cops on location in Illinois
PhilipsMountain crop
Phillips Petroleum Spot on location in Arizona

For the next 20 years I worked as a producer and/or first assistant director on dozens of theatrical features, TV movies, and corporate films, as well as on over a thousand TV spots.

In 1989, while continuing my first AD work, I began producing and directing on my own, primarily multi-camera videos of both studio and live performances. To date, I’ve produced, directed, and edited about 100 half-hour TV shows and some four dozen theatrical shows (dramatic and musical), live concerts and documentaries.  For five years I produced and edited the videos for the O’Neil Theatre Center’s Cabaret Symposium. My documentary Robert and Elizabeth was among the productions featured at the 2002 New York International Independent Film and Video Festival. In 2007 my scenic video, Big Sur Coast won first prize in the Coastwalks Video Festival “Places” category.

In 2004, with my partner Eric Brown, I developed, directed and edited Elizabeth Hepburn’s Better and Better Series, a three-part video designed as complementary therapy for patients and caregivers having to manage the emotional stresses of surgery. (For more information and video clips, go to the Major Projects page.)  In 2005, also in collaboration with Eric Brown, I began work on a feature-length documentary, Birth of the Music Video, which explores that phenomenal explosion of creativity in the mid-60’s which led to the ascendancy of the music video. (For additional information and video clips, go to Major Projects.)

As for print and web media access to some of my views on video production, you might check articles on shooting and editing published on Ken Stone’s FinalCutPro web site, as well as my chapter in Transitions: Voices on the Craft of Digital Editing, published by Apress.

I have written two full length screenplays, a sit-com pilot with Jeff Siggins and have completed a three part memoir.

3 Cvrs BBV

 A member of the American Film Institute since ’75 and the Directors’ Guild of America since ’79, I hold a B.A. in Theatre & Music from Whittier College.


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