Major Projects

Better & Better Series

Some of the worst traumas in a person’s life are the feelings of anxiety, fear, and helplessness experienced in the days leading up to surgery. Doctors now realize that proper medical treatment during such a difficult time must address more than the patient’s physical condition, it must also provide therapy for the person’s emotional well-being. EH FallsCreated in this spirit by Elizabeth Hepburn, the Better & Better Series offers emotional support and spiritual guidance from pre-surgery through recovery.

Creek1 cVolumes 1 and 2 in the series provide healing support programs for both patient and caregiver during the pre-surgery and post-surgery periods. Volume 3, In the Lap of Luxury, builds on  Emerson’s famous observation that “the first wealth is health” and provides an ongoing “feeling good” program to sustain radiant health and spiritual well-being throughout life. The program can benefit anyone-anytime, anywhere.

The Better & Better Series was directed and edited by Ben Bryant

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Birth of the Music Video

During the early years of Rock, music could only be heard on radios and record players, and artists could only be seen–not very often–on TV variety shows or-for fans in large cities-in concert arenas. Today, Rock artists’ performances are watched by millions, every hour of every day, on video. How did this revolutionary change come about? Eric Brown of Creative Entertainment wanted to know, so he embarked on a journey of discovery that resulted in the soon to-be-released documentary, Birth of the Music Video, conceived, directed and edited by Ben Bryant.

BB Dolenz
Directing Mickey Dolenz
Ben, Micky & Eric

It explores the work of Group One, a hugely talented team of film makers who, in an explosive burst of creative genius during the 60’s, produced film/music segments for many TV shows, including Laugh In and The Smothers Brothers, in the process creating a genre that came to be known as Music Videos. Featuring such artists as Kenny Rogers and the First Edition, The Bee Gees, Carpenters, and The Temptations, those early productions were remarkably advanced for their time, when video technology was in its infancy.

Birth of the Music Video Trailer