“What a total delight these videos are. Boy, do you do wonderful work! I love the editing… You take it all into your camera(s) and give it back in such a wonderful way.”     — Babbie Green, Songwriter

In building this page I came to realize that – with occasional forays into documentary and health support – my body of video work comprises two primary categories: Demos and Art Pieces. By “art pieces” I mean works free of agenda, created for the sheer joy of doing it and the pleasure of watching.

So you may find the selections I have posted here somewhat redundant in the sense that many belong in those two categories. My intention is to show you things I enjoyed making and that you may enjoy watching without a sales pitch attached. Just be aware that the techniques employed in these videos may be applied to any project for which they are appropriate.

It’s a Quiet Thing from Elizabeth Hepburn’s Better & Better Series (Director/Editor)

Big Sur Coast: First place winner in “Places”, CoastWalk Film Festival 2007.  On a trip south from Carmel I just happened to have my camera with me… (Shooter/Editor)

Rhapsody in Ice: Joe O’Donoghue’s ice sculptures evoke in me images of Manhattan as does Gershwin’s most famous piece. I blended images of the sculptures with those of my city for this video. (Shooter/Editor)

“Ben Bryant is a world class editor.” Robert Collins — Cinematographer

Paintings of Robert Taub: I shot reproductions from his book of memorial paintings for the children killed in LA gang wars then put the video together as an alternative way to show the work to galleries. (Shooter/Editor)

“Ben’s work is passionate, original and imaginative.” Robert Taub: Artist

The Gates: Classical/Jazz: The last week of Christo’s “Gates” in Central Park I thought I ought to at least shoot some of it just to have  footage of this historical event. Then one day I started listening to some music. Using much of the same footage the music dictated different treatments. (Shooter/Editor)

FlipStix Promo: Using some very “gonzo” footage and Hip-Hop music supplied by the client, I added a product shot and some funky effects. (Editor)

Robert & Elizabeth: NYC Film & Video Festival Selection 2002. My friend Gary Mizel suggested that I shoot some footage of a homeless couple he knew. This is the result. (Director/Shooter/Editor)

The head of the cinematography department at North Carolina School of the Arts invited me to be guest editor for a special project. Scenes from Smitty was a collaboration between students and faculty. These are clips from that edit. I had some fun with a “time warp” on this project.

“Wow!  You really ARE a genius. The new clips worked beautifully… got the show off to a rousing start …Thank you, thank you for making this dream of mine come true.”
    Rick Skye, 2006 MAC Award Winner

Ali – Actor Demo: Using a music video featuring Ali as a “bed” I inserted selected scenes from four of his movies. (Editor)

Paige Price Cabaret Demo (Shooter/Editor)

“…my kudos to you and Ben …I think it works brilliantly …And the promo!! Paige it’s terrific, really. …it’s so well edited and put together. …you have an exemplary version of your show to publicize.”    — Peter Flynn Director; Paige Price’s eX Files


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